Seedling The World School

Our Vision And Mission

To develop responsible global citizens and leaders by providing a world class international education. The academic and cultural activities, provide a platform where all students come together and explore the individual and group talents which help them to become efficient and effective human beings.

Education Professionals

Caring, highly qualified and motivated teachers actively engage students in the learning process. Our teachers who are “facilitators “, or “mentors” are well versed in pedagogy with an exposure to international education system they are proficient in activity based teaching. An ongoing programme of professional development workshops and seminars is also provided both by local and international experts.

Interactive Teaching Methodology

The school uses interactive whiteboard as teaching tool with smart class which results in faster and accurate understanding of the concepts in class and helps to improve the overall academic performance of the students. Students think independently, use their initiative and participate in a meaningful and active learning process. Students are encouraged to ask questions and research into the possible answers which helps them push the boundaries of their thoughts and knowledge.


The development of student leadership opportunities and student leaders is a core aspect in the philosophy of the school. The effort is to draw out the inherent leadership traits , develop each student’s individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to discover their potential.

Community Service

Participation in Community Service inculcates human values making the children mentally and physically strong to face the challenges of the world while having a compassionate heart. Environment clean-up, water conservation, visits to old age home, orphanage, awareness campaigns, heritage conservation , fund raising are some of the efforts in the direction of community service.