95% Attendance of a student (excluding the period of sickness) is compulsory to qualify for promotion to the next level. Total days are counted from the day of opening of the school and not from the date of admission of the student. The names of such students who keep themselves absent continuously for 10 working days without prior notice in the office will be struck off automatically without any sort of notice to the guardians to this effect.

  • Promotion to the higher class is granted on the basis of regular revision assessment and opinion of the teachers concerned and the Principal/ Director's decision is final.
  • Minimum 60% marks are required for the promotion.
  • Students absent for any Revision Assessment will not be given a second chance.
  • In case of illness or any other special circumstances, his/her case may be considered after submission of doctor's certificate along with an application to Principal/ Director.
Play Group 2.5 Years
LK.G 3 Years
U.K.G 4 Years
PREP 5 Years