Computer work Station

Keeping in mind the advancement made in the sphere of Information Technology and computers being an integral part of our lives our little toddlers are initiated into the world of computers. The syllabi is spread in such a manner that all topics taught in the class are supplemented on the M/C which further help the students in explicit understanding of various concepts. We have beautifully designed work station with latest M/C and the soft wares. Our teaching staff is computer savvy.


Enter the portals of Seedling Nursery School of learning and loads of activities.

And there is an attractive building which has spacious & colourful classrooms with bright & comfortable furniture.

There are nicely maintained play areas with a sandpit and lots of swings & slides, which offers interactive learning environment. The nursery is equipped with a computer lab which helps to instil awareness in the little ones of their environment.

An audio visual room with educational cd’s, rhymes & moral stories. There is an activities room too which helps hone the growing creative skills in the little Seedlites.

At Seedling Nursery Branch all the programs are formulated to render your child with the appropriate acceleration as per their generation. Being known as the best play school in Udaipur we focus both on the precise antithesis of knowledge & entertainment to guarantee overall development. Children's games at playgroup are devised to revitalise wonder and kindle the imaginative side of your kid. At Seedling Nursery the best play school in Udaipur your child will endure the most high-grade pre-school adventure with a regular day consisting of recreation activities, amusements, and an emcee of kids swotting activities at playgroup. Our exercises guarantee your kid discovers his/her creativity, senses, traverses and uncovers different things each day. Through our open-air game, we the best play school in Udaipur present a wholesome steadiness of physical and mental advancements in your kid.