Seedling The World School

Our Vision

Seedling The World School aims to be recognized as an institution that promotes avant-garde education system which caters to individual needs of the pupils and creates self-confident, righteous and innovative global leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Seedling The World School promotes a safe, caring, cultured, technically advanced and sophisticated learning environment with traditional values embedded in it, and develops sensitized, internationally minded citizens who show respect and compassion towards social and cultural diversities across the globe.

Core values

The school believes in nurturing and strengthening those values in its learners that take them to heights in being humanitarian and virtuous.
The core values of the school are:
S- Sensitive to the needs of living beings
E- Empathetic to others’ emotions and feelings
E- Ethical in deeds
D- Daring in thoughts and actions
L- Loyalty to duty
I- Immaculate in planning and organization
N- Nobleness of mind and character
G- Generous in giving and sharing